·         Rotary Forging is a state-of-the-art process technology designed to produce forged round shapes.  This process allows for compression in a concentrated area for a more efficient method of metal deformation that produces superior mechanical properties in the forging blank. 

·         Depending on the style of wheel to be produced, some Forging blanks are then placed into highly specialized CNC Spinning Machines for a flow forming and spinning process.  This advanced metal working process is designed to efficiently manufacture the forging blank into a near net round shape. 

·         The Forging is then heat-treated and tempered to a fully hard T6 condition resulting in maximum strength.

·         Each Forging is then put through rigorous failure analysis and material properties testing.  Fine element analysis (FEA), SAE, TUV and JASO compliance testing are also part of the quality assurance process.


The result is a lightweight, high strength product with excellent dimensional characteristics and unsurpassed quality

Kompression Wheels Rims are not mass produced!

Each set of rims manufactured by Kompression Wheels is custom built to order.  From start to finish, our goal is to provide our customers with a unique buying experience that meets all of their requests.

We start with the highest quality Rotary Forgings in the Wheel Industry